The Proceedings will be published by Cambridge University Press as a book entitled "Gravitation, Relativistic Astrophysics, and Cosmology". The Editors will be Felipe Tovar Falciano and Leonardo J. Pellizza. Contributed papers will be peer reviewed, while invited ones will not.

The deadline for sending your contribution is DECEMBER 15th (sharp). Invited talks should have a maximum of 15 pages, while round table and poster presentations should have a maximum of 5 pages. Contributions must be written in English. Manuscripts must be sent by e-mail (as attached files) to the address Figures must be in black and white.

To prepare your manuscript, you must use Cambridge style files. The file "template-6s.tex" contains a template that you can edit to produce your manuscript. Please name your LaTeX source files using your last name (e.g., Einstein.tex; add a number if you presented more than one contribution, e.g., Einstein1.tex, Einstein2.tex), and figures with the same name plus "_figx", where "x" is the figure number (e.g., Einstein1_fig1.eps, Einstein1_fig2.eps). Please use Encapsulated PostScript (eps) format for your figures.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that your contribution to the Proceedings is an essential part of your participation in the meeting.